4 Reasons to Shop Local Used Goods

Shopping is something we all have to do! Is it embedded in our American Culture
Junk Monkey provides North-East Ohio a local shopping option that is better for the environment and also YOUR economy. 
Here are 4 reasons on why you should come to Junk Monkey instead of the Big Box Retailers. 

    • 1. Local Economy Support. Shopping at your local small business used goods stores helps keep the cash flow in your city, helping to support Taxes as well as the livelihoods of the owners and employees!
    • 2. Saving YOU Money. Buying Used and local is always less expensive than purchasing brand new manufactured goods from the large corporations. Why pay retail when you can save money with the Monkey, Junk Monkey!
    • 3. Saving Green as well as being GREEN. Not only does Junk Monkey save you money, we also save your planet! Buying items that already exist is a better option that uses up the raw materials and resources to make new items. Used goods in the way to go! 
    • 4. Fun activity to do. "Thrifting" is becoming a huge trend for fashion, home decor, and interior design. Can be a fun date idea, or just a personal day activity to get your mind off the daily grind. Junk Monkey is on the Fore-Front of this Thrift Stores Trend! Come join us at our Resale Shops!


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